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“SANE is the INSANITY most call NORMALITY put forth by SOCIETY.” – Eric Till  

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Friday, October 21, 2016

To Be Me

Where will tomorrow take me, today has done oh so well. I’ve worked so hard, made so many mistakes and have been blessed to make choices that have turned out so well. I’ve taken the road less traveled and played follow the leader, being lead astray. There are so many outcomes that I am grateful


Oh the things I’ve seen

I’ve seen the good in people. I know I’ve seen it, so why is it always hidden? Have we all been so crushed under the weight of the world that the good in us has diminished? Did it not fight to stay alive? It seems to have given up way too easily.

Trying so hard

I am trying so hard to silence my mind and fight back the anger. Covering my mouth once again with the tape that they force upon me. I’ve never before reached out my hand to accept their bondage, but it feels the only way to have peace. They’ve taken so much of me that I

Lighter Side

There’s more than what’s on the surface

Believe it or not, there is a lighter side to my mind. Sometimes I may have trouble accessing it, but I truly believe that it is there. I love hard and I would do anything for those who have a place in my heart. Sure, the number of people on my love list are not